sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2011

Return to blogging, updates and a first glance look at clojure.

Hello dear internet, it's been a year, I have missed you.

This year has been a very interesting one. I have got a job as a
researcher and technical leader, have been professionally programming
in lisp for artificial intelligence projects, built a concurrent
crawler using racket, started using clojure to integrate with java
projects, and more important, have met some very interesting people.

First, let me tell you about lisp in a professional setting. Simply
put, it rocks. Common lisp+slime is a stupendous development
environment. The ecosystem is very alive, albeit not very organized. I
have to remind myself to publish a small article about how to get to
speed with emacs + slime. It really does pays off.

Racket is without a doubt the best language I have explored so
far. The documentation is top notch, the community is full of
intelligent and helpful people, and there is a slime-like plugin
called geiser that is very nice. On a personal note, It was the first
time I have developed a system using an actor like threading system
(racket has mailbox threading). I must say that it has changed the way
I thing about concurrency.

The last technical note is about clojure. It is very nice, specially
if you have to cooperate with the JVM, something that is very probable
if you are interfacing with big corp. It is a modern language,
embracing concurrency and parallelism, is immutable by default, and at
the same time is a lisp. I encourage anyone who wants to learn
something deep and at the same time "practical", considering the JV.

We can never forget that life is about people, and I have met some
incredible people. Crazy, happy, high, depressed, strange, and
interesting people. Because of them, I have got a bit into security
again, learned more about myself and my emotions, entrepreneurship,
martial arts, Austrian economics, anarchism, and much much more. For
all of you, my deep sincere thanks.

Thanks again everyone, I sorry that I have been away for so long. I'll
try harder this time. Merry Christmas!

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